Hey everyone! Some of you might know me already, some of you I still have yet to meet but let me introduce myself formally. I am Vemigod (Vemi for short) my real name is Ryan but I probably wont answer to that so don't even bother calling me that xD. I'm 23 years old currently, I play retail, watch anime, and go to ramen every week at my local ramen bar. I currently work in cyber security at a large company in which i will not name. I have been in private server development since BC so quite a few years... and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I love World of Warcraft both retail and private servers, If any of you have the battle.net my battle tag is vemigod#1294, I would love to play with you guys on retail also! Anyways back to the intro... I'm SUPER passionate about anime and ramen, like if i go a week without either I'm probably dead tbh... anyways not the typical server admin intro but I hope to see you all in game!

P.S. feel free to friend or message me on Discord! Vemigod#1234