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    Behind you

    Naryma, the friendly dwarf

    Long, long time ago in a kingdom far, far away a man and a woman had sex on a bed. As both of them were generation LichKing none of them knew how to dispel and therefore were using a condom to avoid some nasty debuffs. Unfortunatly the man did meet a druid along the way earlier that day, whom gave him a Mark of the Wild. This extra power increased his arp to a point that it broke the Protection Barrier between them. They felt, that something wasn't right and checked. Seconds after marvellous sound echoed through the chamber "Oh shit!". And this is why I got born!

    I might be old, young or something in between - depends what calendar you use.
    My class of choice is the Paladin, my race of choice the dwarf.
    If there are any question surrounding the game, feel free to ask me them.
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