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Thread: Bug reports.

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    Bug reports.

    I will add to this as I find more and remove things as they're fixed. If anyone finds additional bugs you can reply to this post and I can add them to the list!

    General bugs:

    • NPC Thunderclap ability reduces move speed by >100%, snaring you instead of slowing.
    • Engineering's 'Nitro Boosts' enchant doesn't malfunction.
    • Shadow Oil scales significantly with Spell Power.
    • Rare spawns in custom instances aren't modified.
    • Time-Lost Scryer in Sethekk Halls aren't modified.
    • Watchkeeper Gargolmar and his Clerics aren't modified.
    • 10% stats/stam premium buffs don't stack properly.
    • PvP tag goes away permanently (Or until you /pvp twice) after entering the mall.
    • Gem NPC GossipMenu/Gossip flag?
    • Broken Gem/Glyph vendors.

    Death Knight bugs:

    • Frostbound Fortitude makes the DK immune to damage for 18 seconds.
    • Raise Dead's Ghoul AI stays behind it's target/
    • Army of the Dead ghouls don't scale.
    • Bloodworms don't scale.
    • Ghoul Frenzy occasionally stops healing while active.

    Warrior bugs:

    • None yet.

    Hunter bugs:

    • Mend Pet doesn't scale.
    • Snake Trap doesn't scale.
    • Wyvern Sting doesn't scale.
    • Explosive trap scales with spell power(?).
    • Arcane Shot scales with Spell Power(?).
    • Pet autos don't scale.
    • Pet stamina has low/no scaling.
    • *Some* pet skills don't scale. eg Venom Web Spray and Wolverine Bite. Will look into more later.
    • Pets can't crit in PvP.

    Priest bugs:

    • Power World: Shield has little to no scaling.
    • Haste causes Mind Flay to lose damage ticks.

    Paladin bugs:

    • Hammer of the Righteous scales with Spell Power(?).
    • Seal of Light. Period.
    • Shield of Righteousness doesn't scale. (Low block value).

    Rogue bugs:

    • None yet.

    Druid bugs:

    • Gains significantly less Attack Power in forms from Two-Handed weapons

    Shaman bugs:

    • Earth Elemental Totem doesn't scale.
    • Sentry Totem's cast location is... Interesting. :3
    • Fire Elemental Totem doesn't scale outside of it's AoE.
    • Feral Spirit doesn't scale.

    Mage bugs:

    • Mana Shield doesn't scale.
    • Ice Barrier doesn't scale.
    • Ice Barrier doesn't snare when broken.

    Warlock bugs:
    [*]None yet.

    This is all for now!
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    Dear Sukaliaric,
    Thanks for taking the time to report these bugs,
    As a token of appreciation i added 1 month of vip to your character XXXX
    I shall post below what i have fixed, so you can remove them from your post.

    General bug fixes
    • Daily Tokens don't stack.
    • Morph Tokens don't stack.
    • Transmog Tokens don't stack.
    • Guild Master NPCs don't let you make guilds/create charters.

    Death-Knight bug fixes
    • Riding above 75 fixed

    Thanks in advance.
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      if you have a question regarding a ban kindly appeal it i will not respond to private messages regarding ban statuses.
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    • Do not message staff members regarding staff applications, as it results in immediate denial of your application,

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    Hammer of the Ritheous is supposed to scale with sp.
    -) The spell itself does 4x weapon dmg with holy dmg => should only inflict sp
    -) paladin on 255 get +20% sp based on int, +60% sp based on strength and +30% sp based on ap

    Result: The dmg depends on the actual weapon dmg aswell as the total amount of sp.



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