Greetings Wrathbane community.

I'm writing this topic to elaborate some of the requirements on writing a gm application.

1. You must have been a member of our community for at least 2 or more weeks.
2. You must have in game playtime that is above 2 days (48 Hours)
3. You must have at least 20 posts on our forums.
4. You will be getting an interview, you must pass this.
5. You can not re-apply whenever u have been declined for 1 month.
6. You must be at least 17 years or older in order to join our staff team, we do check.
7. You can not have been banned ever on our servers, we document bans we can find out easily.
8. You must speak flawless English.
9. You must posses a microphone.

Thats it for now, still think u are able to join our team?
Write an application and find out!